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Sun Goddess Matcha

Sun Goddess Matcha

$58.00 USD

Shaded 35% longer for extra l-theanine to support calm Provides sustained energy - no jitters or crashes! Crafted by a Japanese teamaster (less than 15 in the world!) FIRST matcha Quadruple Toxin Screened for purity No added anything – no preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners Health Benefits ImmuneSupport RadiantSkin CalmEnergy Health Benefits ImmuneSupport RadiantSkin Calm Energy What’s in it? Caffeine: High(54-82mg) L-Theanine: High(26-39mg) Polyphenols: High(195-293mg) Ingredients (all organic*): Organic Ceremonial Grade Japanese matcha When should I drink it? Morning Afternoon For a cold drink. Add to 12oz cold water and shake/stir. For a hot drink. First add matcha to empty ...

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