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Pawmanity Window Hammock

Pawmanity Window Hammock

$179.00 AUD

Universal-Fit Car Hammock with Storage Tote Bag. Size: 140cm (W-from door to door excluding side panels) x 160cm (L). Note: Adjustable Seat headrests required. (If you have low profile rear seat headrests or none at all, you're in luck, check out our exclusive Pawmanity conversion belts!) Dogs are part of the family and whilst we love them dearly, there is no denying car seats are designed for humans and not with fur, paws and wet dogs in mind. Stylish Design With its quilted design and luxurious thick padding, the Pawmanity Window Hammock will look great in your car and offer your dog a superior level of travel comfort. Heavy Duty Fabric A durable, waterproof and abrasion-resistant top l...



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