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Pawmanity Deluxe Hammock

Pawmanity Deluxe Hammock

$209.00 AUD

Universal-Fit Car Hammock with Built-In Door Guards Storage Tote Bag Included. Size: 140cm (W-from door to door excluding door guards) x 160cm (L). Note: Adjustable Seat headrests and Grab Handles required. (If you have low-profile rear seat headrests or none at all, you're in luck, check out our exclusive Headrest Conversion Belts!) Stylish Design With its quilted wrap-around design and luxurious padding, the Pawmanity Deluxe Hammock will look great in your car and offer your dog a superior level of travel comfort. Heavy Duty Fabric A durable, waterproof and abrasion-resistant top layer, provides excellent protection against your dog's claws while keeping fur, dirt and sand off your seat...



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