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1.21GW Sample

1.21GW Sample

$2.99 USD

If you're looking for a mild pre workout drink, this isn't for you. 1.21GW was made for extreme levels of energy and focus. When we say extreme, we mean extreme. This isn't your mama's pre workout drink. If you want to take your workouts to another level and know you're going to need a whole-pot-of-coffee type of energy, keep reading. 1.21GW is unparalleled pre-workout fulmination. Description Sounds cool, but what in the blue blazes does that mean? Let's break it down: Explosive Energy & Strength NO Crash Amplified Intensity Tunnel-Vision Focus Single-Scoop Serving You're going to feel it the first time, and once you try it - you're not going to want to train without it. We tried a T...



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