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Glass and Window Cleaner Tablet

Glass and Window Cleaner Tablet

$2.50 AUD - $10.00 AUD

This glass and window cleaner tablet will give you the anti-streak, anti-fog and sparkling glass clean you've been looking for, without the nasty chemicals!! We sell them in pack of 1, 3 or 5 refillable glass and window cleaner tablets. Fill your empty bottle with tap warm water, drop in the tablet, wait for it to completely dissolve and start cleaning your windows! Keen to reuse that bottle that you just finished?! Minq cleaning tablet refills are the future of cleaning, and you will never need to buy another plastic bottle anymore! Time to re-use and re-fill with minq dissolvable glass and window cleaner tablets with tap water from home. Our minq tablets guarantee - Super effective and ...



Minq eco-friendly cleaning tablets are designed to be good for you and for the planet. Our tablets eliminate the production of single-use plastic bottles and transform regular cleaning solution.

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