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Tuscan Sun Yellow | "Hackney" Backpack

Tuscan Sun Yellow | "Hackney" Backpack

£65.00 GBP

OUR BACKPACK Introducing our first next-generation backpack, ‘Hackney’ - sustainably & ethically made with our 100% recycled & recyclable fabric. Instead of the conventional rolled top, we’ve sewn magnets in, so you can close the top easier and quicker. The grab handles also have hidden magnets to keep them together, without the need for any fiddly attachments. Combined with all the other features, we’ve made our backpack streamlined, uncluttered and contemporary, while improving its functionality at the same time! Let’s be kind to the planet. Join the revolution. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE FEATURES & MATERIALS: HIDDEN MAGNETS Carry handles with magnets to keep them together,...

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Beautiful bags 100% made from recycled plastic bottles, once designated to landfill and the ocean. We help you to be kinder to the planet without compromising your unique style.

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