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Keto Chow Base Powder

Keto Chow Base Powder

$48.00 USD

Please note: this isn't the full mix and if you're getting the regular flavored mix, you don't need to get this. The Base Powder (Just the Minerals and Vitamins) is mainly for international customers who want to save on shipping - it's everything but the protein (which is the #1 ingredient by weight and volume in Keto Chow). We have some additional details and info about the Base Powder on this page. When you mix it with the appropriate amount of protein powder you will end up with 21 meals worth of Keto Chow. Works great with Dymatize Elite 100% Whey (this is what was used in Keto Chow 1.9) Dymatize ISO100 Isopure Optimum Nutrition Gold MyProtein Impact Whey (among others, most of their ...

Keto Chow


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