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Guava Grapefruit Keto Chow

Guava Grapefruit Keto Chow

$5.00 USD

Enjoy a piece of citrus heaven with Guava Grapefruit. This flavor: Satisfies those fruity cravings—but with only 0.77 net carbs! Keeps your sweet tooth happy while providing 1/3 of your daily vitamins and nutrients in every serving. These are our "Limited Edition" flavors of Keto Chow. They are only available in the individual meal "sample" size and only available in a limited quantity. We will NOT be adding the Limited Edition flavors to the sample bundles and they cannot be purchased in the bulk bags. When we run out of the limited edition, that’s the end of it, for now. Are there any other flavors in development? When are more flavors coming? There are no new flavors in development to ...

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Keto made easy. Kill cravings & stay in ketosis 1/3 of your daily nutrients in a delicious shake

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