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Keto Chow Daily Minerals

Keto Chow Daily Minerals

$8.00 USD

Keto Chow Daily Minerals were developed with the help of Dr. Ken Berry. They give you a simple way to replenish all of your important, depleted minerals. We do not add flavors or sweeteners to our electrolyte supplements. They taste salty and bitter. Please feel free to add to flavored drinks, use them for cooking, or spread them out throughout the day. Daily Minerals comes in two sizes: a large 32 fluid ounce bottle with enough for 64 servings, and a small 2 oz. travel bottle with 4 servings. No Sugars No Added Flavors No Sweeteners Just Minerals The Missing Element™ While most macro- and micronutrients are easily available in healthy whole foods, some essential minerals that your body n...

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Keto made easy. Kill cravings & stay in ketosis 1/3 of your daily nutrients in a delicious shake

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