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Deluxe Matcha Kit

Deluxe Matcha Kit

$180.00 USD

This deluxe matcha set contains Ummon, our highest grade matcha from our regular selection, popular for its robust and naturally sweet character. The matcha tea bowl included is the Dark chawan, crafted specially for Ippodo, with an elegant profile and a mesmerizing glaze.This full set also includes all of the other utensils for making delicious matcha: a bamboo tea ladle for scooping matcha, a tea strainer for breaking up clumps in matcha powder, a whisk for whisking matcha, and a whisk stand for storing the whisk.

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We are a family-run Japanese tea company founded in 1717, in the heart of Kyoto. For generations, we have upheld a tradition of aromatic, well-balanced teas.

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