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Ujjala Chanachur (Bombay Mix)

Ujjala Chanachur (Bombay Mix)

₹325.00 INR - ₹2,200.00 INR

Ujjala Chanachur The non-spicy variant Chanachur (more of the Bombay mix type) and the owner makes sure you have nuts in your mouth in every gulp. From the famous lanes of South Kolkata, we brings you Ujjala's Chanachur, another iconic brand of chanachur exclusive to the City of Joy. Of the many famous brands of chanachur and snacks found in Kolkata, Ujjala's probably enjoys one of the highest fan following. Order it from us and enjoy your hot tea in the evenings with the spicy Ujjala's Chanachur. Nostalgic place to be.... U can smell from a distance... Kolkata craves for the ujjala chanachur... A sip of hot tea and a handful of ujala chanachur is more than enough.... Ujjala chanachur is ...



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