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Motor Dal Bori / Vadiyam, 300 g

Motor Dal Bori / Vadiyam, 300 g

₹120.00 INR

Premium Motor Dal Bori, 300 g **Handling charges included in the price to ensure you product is delivered undamaged. Bori is a sun dried lentil dumpling, used in various Bengali cuisines such as Sukto, Maacher Jhol, Niramish Jhol, etc. Prepared using various lentils such as Urad, Matar, Masoor & Posto Dana, Bori is considered to be one of the most essential ingredient in a Bengali household/ kitchen.Unlike olden days, the busy lifestyle & lack of space makes it hard to prepare them at home. But, we understand nothing can replace a nostalgic hometown meal. So, we bring you the most authentic range of Boris from West Bengal. Traditionally prepared in a hygienic kitchen by women from...



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