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Ao Naga Men Traditional Shawl

Ao Naga Men Traditional Shawl

₹4,250.00 INR

Ao Naga Men Traditional Shawl Design: Traditional Ao Naga men's shawl. Purely handwoven shawl in red and black for men. The white patch in the middle is hand embroidered with beautiful designs of animals and birds like mithun, cock, lion, tiger and elephants, sun moon and star aligned with tribal geometric designs. This embroidery design is even more detailed and larger in size. ORIGIN: Nagaland Ethnic Inspiration, is a collection of ethnic, contemporary and fusion jewelry, bags, accessories and home furnishings handmade and handwoven by indigenous artisans of Nagaland. Some of these products are also sourced from the interiors of Nagaland, original traditional handmade craftworks made wi...



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