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Baratza Encore coffee grinder

Baratza Encore coffee grinder

£139.00 GBP

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder Free UK delivery via DPD - UK Purchase Only The Baratza Encore is the ideal entry level electric grinder. Great for manual brewed coffee. Compact enough for any kitchen it will take your coffee experience to a new level. If you brew Aeropress, filter and cafetiere this is an ideal grinder for you. The Encore is lauded by coffee experts as THE go-to entry level grinder for those brewing coffee at home. The Encore gives a great grind for drip/manual brew and also grinds fine enough for espresso but will offer less control than more expensive grinders like the Virtuoso. Featuring 40 individual grind settings, from fine to coarse, the Encore can please any palate...

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