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Maitreya Print

Maitreya Print

$3.00 USD

A frame-ready print for your altar or meditation room. This traditional Tibetan painting depicts Maitreya Buddha. The word Maitreya is from the Sanskrit maitrī, "loving-kindness", which is from mitra, "friend". Note the similarity to the ancient divinity named Mithra, a symbol of Christ. This is an excellent image to visualize in meditation. Printed on high-quality glossy paper. Available in two sizes: 5x7 inches 8.5x11 inches. Can also be framed 8x10 Maitreya has levels of meaning. "Buddha Maitreya is a title, a degree, which indicates any given Buddha who already achieved Christification." - Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries The Buddhists talk about "the future Buddha," the Maitreya ...



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