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Mahapari-Nirvana Tibetan Incense

Mahapari-Nirvana Tibetan Incense

$7.95 USD

A blend of 32 different genuine Himalayan herbs such as Red Sandalwood and Gokul Dhoop. "This Mahapari-Nirvana incense is collectively made out of various aromatic herbs found in high altitude regions of Tibet and plains of Nepal. This herbal medicated incense is made under the strict control of traditional Tibetan hand made incense following the key instructions of renowned herb masters. This is incense is widely used by Buddhists and by others for the purpose of meditation, relaxation, purifying, and offerings." 19 incense sticks 8.5 inches Incense holder Handmade reusable paper box with clasp Named after the highest state of consciousness, absolutely free from suffering. Handmade in Ne...



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