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Frankincense Aroma Oil

Frankincense Aroma Oil

$2.95 USD

This aromatic oil brings the scent of frankincense to inspire and relax. This inexpensive oil is not therapeutic grade, so it should not be placed on the skin or ingested. It is good for using in an aromatherapy diffuser. Includes one 1/3 oz. (10 ml) bottle in a beautifully designed cardboard pouch. External use only. Not for consumption or topical use.This oil was made in India by Goloka® and proceeds are used 100% for charitable activities of ISKCON Bangalore like: • The Akshaya Patra Foundation - Providing Mid-Day Meals to 1.7 million underprivileged children every school working day. • Promotion of Organic Farming - Training farmers on organic and biodynamic farming and preserving Ind...



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