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[PS01] SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs - 55" x 91"

[PS01] SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs - 55" x 91"

$39.99 USD

Why My Car Needs This SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs? For those with multiple dogs, or especially large breeds, and often travel with them by car, FunniPets SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs can get your car and your dogs protected while driving. It can be installed in the back of an SUV or wagon with the rear seats folded down. Protects your car from pet dander, hair, spills, odors, mud, and water. Model: PS01 Dimensions: 55 x 91 inches Key Benefits Large cargo liner foldable to fit full-size /mid-size/compact SUV, station wagon, compact crossover, multi-purpose vehicle, minivan, microvan, sedan, etc. The extra bumper flag protects the bumper from wear and tear by dogs Extra-large textured non-slip bac...



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