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FunniPets Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

FunniPets Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

$25.99 USD

Why Does Your Dog Need A Snuffle Mat? A snuffle mat isn’t just great for dogs who wolf their food down, there are several other benefits: Brain Stimulation: Dogs need mental stimulation. Because they’re evolved from hunters, and they really do like challenges. Having a treat in a different place in the mat will leave them feeling excited at the ‘hunt’ and can give them some fun in an otherwise possibly routine day. Enhance the Sense of Smell: A dog’s sense of smell is 50 times stronger than humans. The dog snuffle mat satisfies the dog's natural curiosity and enhances its superior sense of smell. Consume Dog's Energy: 10 minutes sniffing training = 30 minutes walking exercise, perfect for...



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