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Starter kit for STRAIGHT TO VOLUME

Starter kit for STRAIGHT TO VOLUME

£116.00 GBP

If you are serious about setting up your new venture of lash extensions but you don't want to take the traditional route of learning classic lashes first before advancing to volume sets then you might want to consider a Straight to Volume course. Our Straight to Volume course contains everything you need in order to take the direct route to learning the advanced skill of volume lashes. The student entry kit includes 1 x Rounded L Type Tweezer 1 x Slimline Angled Tweezer 15 x Medical Grade certified Lash Adhesive vials (Expert/Clear Ultra/Black Ultra 1 x Debonder 1 x Primer / Protein Remover 1 x Oil free Make up Remover 50 x Mascara Wands 100 x Microbrushes in a dispenser 7 x Mixed trays o...



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