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Plastic Tubs

Plastic Tubs

$9.25 USD

The classic beach treat! You can't go more than a few feet in the beach resorts of the mid-Atlantic without running into someone snacking on a delicious tub of our popcorn. Be sure to hang onto the tub when you're done because you can always bring it back to us for a discounted refill, or you can use it to make sandcastles on the beach! FREE SHIPPING ON XXL TUBS (US Lower 48 States Only - AK/HI Excluded) Product Dimensions: Small 1/2 Gallon 7.5"D 5"H Medium 1 Gallon 8.5"D 7.5"H Large 1.5 Gallon 9"D 8.5"H XL 2.5 Gallon 11"D 9"H XXL 3.5 Gallon 11.5"D 10"H

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