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Anonymous said:

Excellent, high quality, worthwhile priced vaping experience.

Excellent vape for a disposable. High quality look and feel, long lasting, quick charging, good flavor, sturdy build. Personally I opened the juice compartment through the bottom plate and refilled it, but u have to settle with the fact that doing this you have mixed flavors now. Still functional with this method though.

Customer said:

Waste of money

Ordered five one didn't work upon arrival, 2 didn't last a day. Hard to hit, I don't want to work that hard for it. Only one works okish and it's not even a flavor I like. Do not waste your money on these puff bars.

Verified Troy Hemming said:

Fast shipping and great product

I ordered 2 vapes when I placed my order. They showed up at my door in 3 days and were exactly what I ordered. They both worked great! I had no issues with them so customer service wasn't needed but I did receive emails about my order as well as a personal thank you email from an employee there. I highly recommend big d Vapor and will definitely order from them again!

Verified EVIN LI said:

Nexa N20000 Rechargeable Disposable | 20,000 Puffs | 5% Nicotine

Verified dk5 said:

Lightrise TB 18k

Purchased Banana Cake and loved it! Well-distributed, smooth vape. Based on this, I've decided to order more in other flavors.

Verified Kim Shaw said:

Craftbox V-Play 20K Disposable Vape with Built in Gaming System 25mL

Verified AUSTIN SPAIN said:

It's nice and works good

Verified EVIN LI said:

Lightrise TB 18K Disposable by Lost Vape | 5% 18ml

Verified dj croasmun said:

Kanger ssocc coils

Great as always… been using these for over 10 years with Kangertech Subtanks. Tried another brand… unit died in 6 mos so have wasted unused coils but the Kangers keep functioning for years.
BigD is one of few places to find these coils.. well priced and customer service is incomparable:)

Verified Shamika Gomez said:

Geek Bar Pulse Full Screen 15K Puff Dual Mesh Dual Core Disposable Vape

Verified David said:

Great experience

I had purchased elsewhere prior to buying from Big D. Those past experiences were horrible. But when buying through Big D I had the best experience possible. I will never look elsewhere again.

Verified William Hasley said:

Great device

Great flavor, long lasting, charged quickly

Verified Ann Chikato said:

The Best

Fast delivery Easy to order love

Verified Lisa Henry said:

EB Create bc5000 watermelon ice is my favorite flavor! Big D Vapor is the best online shop with quality products!

Verified Monica Perez said:

Great taste!

Great taste and the fact that it’s nicotine free even more great!

Verified Shannon Mathews said:

Was a game changer to help me quit vaping! I bring one if I go out drinking still because I know myself.

Verified Tina Baragiola said:

Worked great and long lasting when on half air adjustment

Verified Melissa Hilton said:

My new go to Vape!

Long lasting with digital view of juice and battery levels!!

Verified Marisa Craddock said:

Great place to buy!!

I enjoy the convenience of shopping online .I live in a small town without much options. Great variety, great prices, fast delivery and secure payment! Can't get any better than that! And the staff is VERY helpful, have called them and each person is extremely knowledgeable and so polite and helpful! Love this store! Will definitely continue giving them my business!!

Verified Sandra V. said:

Fifty bar

I ordered the fifty bar in multiple flavors and they were all good, but my favorite was the blueberry streusel!

Verified Grace Crick said:

Great customer service

I’ve ordered several times and every order was complete. Also, every vape worked perfectly.

Joseph Mascio said:

BINARIES Cabin 10k

These are BOGO on element vape which I usually avoid at shops due to there always being a reason they are on sale but element vape hasn't let me down yet! The Binaries 6k was amazing and the pineapple 🍍 upside down cake flavor was spot on! Just hate how they say 10k puffs because the puff count is always off by almost 90% my rule of thumb is usually expect 10% of the amount labeled on the box so if it says 10k expect no more that 1000 real hits off the device! Even that is a stretch!

Verified Joan said:


Would be nicer to have it sent to a PO Box juice great fast service

Verified Marisa Craddock said:

Always happy!!!

Great prices, great selection fast shipping secure payments, great staff!! .

Verified dk5 said:


Strawberry is my son's very favorite flavor - mixed with anything - but his first choice is Strawberry Ice Cream.
He went nuts over the EBDESIGN Elfbar commenting on the actual sweet strawberry taste, the remarkable smoothness of the vape, and the lasting flavor consistency throughout it's entire juice life.
You can't get a more inclusive review than that!