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Verified Terry said:

Awesome addition to our beach needs!

We saw the cabana when we were at the beach. Those people gave it a glowing review. Yesterday we had ours at the beach. Four people admired ours and asked about it. We experienced a very sudden strong gust of wind. Umbrellas we blowing away and our cabana stood strong! It was easy to put up and take down and gave a much needed amount of shade. I strongly recommend this product.

Verified Brian Hand said:

Hilton Head South Carolina Beach

We love our CoolCabana. It is great looking and easy to setup and break down. It is light weight and easy to carry. We are seeing a lot of them coming to Hilton Head.

Verified David Miller said:

Best Beach Sunshade!

I used our new CoolCabana for the Memorial Day weekend and wow, what a great look, easy to setup and take down and had many compliments on the look and size. I live in FL and this is a must have for our frequent beach trips! I highly recommend this product!

Verified ROBERT TAYLOR said:

Undeniable greatness

Today was the 1st day we used our Cabana. I am super impressed. The engineering behind the concept is spot on. It held up against a rogue wind of at least 30 mph on the beach while umbrellas where flying, we where shaded from the sun. Super excellent purchase......

Verified Gail R said:

Love. Easy. Simple. Awesome.

I literally bought the Cabana in March? Today (June 4) is the first day in the beach. Brought the box and decided to trust it was a one person setup.

It’s a one person setup.

The best part is that there are sand pockets to keep in anchored. I did have to use some of the cardboard from the box as a “scoop” for the sand. Otherwise it’s perfect.

Like perfect.

Verified Debbie Pope said:

Wonderful cabana!

I love this tent. The shipping was very fast, very light & easy to put up. It was perfect for the beach. The green palm trees stood out in the beach crowd.

Verified Lisa said:


CoolCabanas are great!
Follow the instructions in the bag and it goes up and down quickly without any problems.
Excellent quality and looks good too.
Highly recommend.

Verified Gwen Elliott said:

Love it!!!😍😍

My husband has always had to set up our shade on the beach but NOT WITH THE COOLCABANA!!! My daughter and I could get dropped off at the beach by ourselves and set up with no problem!! I can’t tell you how much we love our COOLCABANA! It’s our favorite beach item!❤️🏖

Verified K.P. said:


This is absolutely one of the best beach investments we’ve made! It is so easy and quick to set up. The very first time we ever put it up at the beach, there were other people setting up their various tents and umbrellas. We were done long before everyone else and were getting in the water while they struggled with ropes and stakes or whatever. I love the pockets in the corners. Plenty of space for everyone to put their phones, sunglasses, keys, etc. I was a little hesitant at first because the poles don’t lock at all and it made me nervous about the wind. However, we were out in a particularly windy day and the cabana didn’t budge. We ordered the medium size and I worried that I should’ve gotten a large for my family of 5, but it was plenty big enough. I used a picnic blanket under it on one side of the pole, and we had a couple of chairs on the other side. We all sat comfortably and ate lunch in the shade. And my daughter took the best nap on the beach under the cabana. I will definitely recommend it to everyone!

Verified Janie Friend said:

Coolest Cabana

This was everything it promised ! I had admired cabana owners on the beach because the stripe attracted me right away. I ordered the medium so that it wouldn’t be too big for me. Only confusion was the middle pole going into the sand. I had beach patrol drill out a hole. Once finished we were on our way. I loved the size and so did everyone else!!! So easy and perfect size!

Verified Jennifer Keiter said:

The best

This cabana is the best! It’s very easy to put up and get down! I wanted something to use at the beach to put up myself when I’m not with my husband. Super super easy and with the money! I bought the smaller one and it’s perfect for our family of 4.

Verified Jamie DeMarco said:

Best purchase

Ditch your umbrella and buy a cool cabana We were so tired of our umbrella blowing away and trying to set it up. We purchase a cool cabana and now my family of 5 with 3 kids under 8 can play in the sand in the shade. It’s perfect for the at our North Wildwood beach house

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Verified Bud Pierce said:

Beat beach purchase ever!

Half the weight of canopies and twice as easy to set up! About two minutes to set up! And it’s beautiful .we bought the hibiscus. On a very windy day we saw several umbrellas fly away but the Cool Cabana was rock solid. No more feeling like there’s not enough room. I recommend the the large size

Verified Karen H. said:

Look for more orders from Florida

I bought the small CoolCabana so that I could set up shade on my gulf-coast beach without anyone's help. So many people were impressed with the quick set-up and take-down and asked me where I got it! I probably sold enough units with my glowing reviews to qualify for a free $199 CoolCabana! (Customer Service: Email me to get my address!) I also had a very positive experience with customer service.

Verified Monica E said:


I love, love my CoolCabana. It’s very easy to put together and take down. Best purchase I have ever made. I highly recommended 😎

About COOLCABANA 5 - HIBISCUS (out of stock)
Verified Jean Kohler said:

Easy set up!

Love my cabana!! It keeps us in the shade while umbrellas are turning inside out. I highly suggest this for the gulf coast!

Verified Chase Massie said:

Perfect for any beach trip!!

We recently purchased the Cool Cabana right before our annual beach trip! Not only did they make sure it arrived to us in time but it was awesome on the beach!! Several people asked us about it because the wind was knocking down their umbrellas and our cabana wasn’t moving at all! Did I mention set up and tear down takes about 60 seconds! Worth the money!

Verified Elvira de Pazos said:

AMAZING. Good for all ages

Very easy to put up and easy to take it down. Very steady and resistance to wind.
Love it and we are glad we bought it

Verified Blakley said:

CoolCabanas are just plain cool 😎

Love my cabana! Easy to set up and takes the wind like a champ. No more chasing umbrellas down the beach. Very pleased with my purchase and recommending to my friends. Just returned from my beach trip and had no issues whatsoever. Great product!

Verified Customer said:


We absolutely love our cabana. Used this weekend and it even handled winds. So easy and quick set up. Doesn’t weigh much. I only wished I’d bought the large size!

Lisa Armstrong said:

Must Have For The Beach!

I have had my CoolCabana for a few years now and I really love this product! It has held up the entire time made of sturdy material! A “must have” for my 94 year old aunt seen here in the picture who had skin cancer in the past, this cuts down on the UV rays allowing her to enjoy the beach with us. I can install myself on the beach and in minutes! Enjoy!

Verified Jannette Peralta said:

Amazing!!! Even in high winds.

We lost our umbrella the weekend before I decided to purchase the cool cabana on the recommendation of a friend. This purchase did not disappoint. Ridiculously easy to set up and take down and plenty of coverage for our family of 4. One person could set it up but under the high winds we were experiencing on “trial” weekend, we decided to use 2 people to set up. Took leas than 1 minute. The instructions are sown into the storage bag so no flapping paper in the wind. Not sure of the height but it was tall enough for me (5’2”) to stand straight up and still have space above.

This is a 10/10!!! I’m seriously considering purchasing another one! It makes a great gift for your beach friends/family!

Verified Ashlee Napier said:


I have wanted a cool cabana for years and had been holding out. When I saw the pink and white strips I knew I had to have it! So I purchased it as a Mother’s Day gift to myself! I’m so glad I did! It was as effortless as it is described for setup and break down. My trip to the beach with 3 kids and myself was a breeze. Follow the instructions and you’ll have no worries! Can’t wait for my next trip! Cool cabanas are the best!

Yasmine Agusi said:


After purchasing multiple foldout tents and beach umbrellas that were poor quality and lasted like literally two uses and after stressing out and crying (lol it was really that bad) because I couldn’t pack up my beach tent as it was impossible to fold back in as easily as its presented on the manual, my babies were going nuts from the heat, I decided to give CoolCabanas a go and I must say that I genuinely LOVE. Not only that it’s durable quality and it doesn’t fade it’s also super compact, easy to fold out and pack up. It provides enough shade for me and my babies to spend endless hours at our favorite place. Sometimes our friends join us too and fit perfectly and absolutely love too ! It’s honestly worth every bloody penny 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Alanna Brown said:


We absolutely love our cool cabana. Perfect size for our family of 4 and so easy to put up and down. Such great shade and allows us to stay at the beach longer. Love it!