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Jump Rope Mat

Jump Rope Mat

$49.99 USD

A portable jump rope mat that absorbs the impact of jumping on your joints and extends the life of your jump ropes. Useful for jump rope training, stretching and calisthenics. Made with a special 1/4" high density vinyl foam designed to reduce shock on your joints while also reducing rope rebound. Less bounce = less misses. Standard Size: 48" x 36" x 1/4" - 7lb (fits any room in the house) Use outoors or indoors. Heavy duty material can be used on outdoor surfaces like concrete or brick or indoors on carpet, tile or wood floors. Muffles the noise of jumping rope (especially indoors) Can easily be rolled up for storage or travel Tapered edges to reduce chance of "catching" the rope. Easy t...

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We believe in doing hard things. Early mornings. Late nights. Jumpathons. Workouts. HIIT sessions. That's why we build the best possible tools for making the jump to the next level.

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