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Business Office Standing Desk

Business Office Standing Desk

$725.00 CAD

Business Office Sit-Stand Desk | Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Canada Please note Medium Oak Wood, Medium Oak White and Medium Oak Black table tops will be restocking on September 17th. Built to Last. Elegant Design. Affordable Solution. EFFYDESK focuses on reducing all pains caused by being in a sitting position for multiple hours a day and increase blood flow and efficiency in the workplace. Navigating the table is intuitive with the simple digital memory keypad. Whisper-quiet dual motors to ensure tranquillity in the work-place. Making sure your body is always moving and adapting, the desk's purpose is to make sure you're not in the same position for too long. Statistics have shown b...



At EFFYDESK, we design, mould, and deliver Canada’s #1 Electric Standing Desk from Vancouver right to your doorsteps. We're on a mission to help Canadian desk job workers get more done.

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