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Scar Butter

Scar Butter

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Skinfood Facefood Best Seller Minimizes the appearance of scars and evens skin tone. Use this as a moisturizer after cleansing your face. Size Guide New Customer How to Use Pair With Key Ingredients Trial Size: New Customer? This .02oz jar will last you 5-7 days to fall in love with Scar Butter Imperfect Scar Butter: 1oz or Trial Size Scar Butter that is imperfect esthetically from crystallization or air bubbles. There is nothing wrong with your product and it's still made with the same ingredients you love! Crystallization: occurs when Shea Butter melts, either intentionally or accidentally during warm conditions, and cools back down too slowly Grainy: As it cools, some butters can becom...

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