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Moon Phases Embroidered Cardigan!

Moon Phases Embroidered Cardigan!

$80.00 USD

Made of 100% cotton, variegated black & grey yarn. Features black buttons and two waist pockets. Unisex sizes S-4XL, same fit as the two-tone/animal patch cardigans. Slightly larger fit than the intarsia knit Fruits, Moon Bunnies and Soot Sprites cardigans. Please see the size chart for your best fit! Mae is wearing a size Small. Each cardigan’s sleeves are embroidered and sewn back together in-house, so very minor imperfections may occur. As we already have all of the cardigans in hand, the preorder will not take as long as a typical one. We hope to have them embroidered within 4 weeks of your order! Please shoot us an email if you have any questions. clammyheartinfo@gmail.com

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Clammy Heart is a playful & colorful brand, focused on creating quality homemade embroidered patches, berets and other apparel!

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