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'Marshmallow Opal' Handmade Patchwork Beret!

'Marshmallow Opal' Handmade Patchwork Beret!

$85.00 USD

Want to see another view of this beret? Check out this unedited Instagram reel! These berets are made from scratch in our studio with ethically sourced New Zealand Wool! We exclusively use scraps from previously made berets to create an interesting composition and sew all the pieces together. We then felt every seam with matching roving, and flocked velvet elastic is sewn to the inside for a snug but comfortable fit!Because of the nature of this fiber and the felting process, small imperfections are to be expected! Including dye spots and natural debris caught in the felt. We do our best to remove and correct small flaws in the felt, though small flaws make your beret more unique! These b...

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Clammy Heart is a playful & colorful brand, focused on creating quality homemade embroidered patches, berets and other apparel!

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