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Cowboy Prickly Pear

Cowboy Prickly Pear

$49.00 USD

Consolea or Opuntia rubescens is the scientific name of this cactus. Commonly called "Roadkill" cactus because the body of the plant is very flat. We prefer "cowboy" because of the way the arm pads are growing so perfectly on either side of the plant. Native to Puerto Rico and the Leeward islands, this prickly pear forms a tree to 10' tall in its native habitats. Not hardy to frost given its' tropical origin. This prickly pear is dark green, spineless, and loaded with character. Makes an excellent indoor potted specimen or potted patio plant. Fast growing. Plants are rooted in 1gal containers and will be shipped bare root. Plants average 12”-18” tall when planted.

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