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Raw Rapeseed Honey 1kg

Raw Rapeseed Honey 1kg

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Known for its healing properties, crops from the rapeseed flower were among the earliest plants to be widely cultivated by mankind as early as 10,000 years ago. Collected by bees from oilseed rape flowers in late spring, Raw Rapeseed Honey, also known as oilseed honey or canola honey, is white creamy honey with a smooth texture and a soothingly mild taste. Initially, a bit thin and runny (it’s almost see-through), but once it crystallises Rapeseed Honey turns almost white. The perfect alternative to sugar as a natural sweetener, you can bake it, glaze it, dress your salad with it, or add it to your favourite cup of tea! Like all Bee Baltic products, our Raw Rapeseed Honey is unpasteurized...

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