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Delta-8-THC Distillate Dab Syringe

Delta-8-THC Distillate Dab Syringe

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Delta-8-THC DABS Distillate Syringe Filled with our ultra high quality, high potent Delta 8 Distillate made for Dabbing. This D8 distillate is testing in at around 94% however with slight variances between batches. Along with Delta 8 THC along you will find some minor cannabinoids listed below. Delta 8 THC ~ 95% CBN ~ 0.45% CBC ~ 0.5% THCV ~ 0.02% Includes: 1 (single) 1ml DAB syringe w/ cap for easy dosing 94% High Potency Delta 8 Distillate Perfect for Daily Use Contains around 1% of minor cannabinoids 100% Hemp Derived and Legal Delta 9 Undetectable Appearance: Viscosity: Thick and has the consistency of molasses. Therefore it must be heated prior to using, this can be done through soak...

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