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Beard Dandruff Kit

Beard Dandruff Kit

£39.00 GBP

Helps clear beard itch, flakes & dryness. Beard dandruff is a relatively easy problem to fix, it's easy to do and it doesn't take up much time during your morning & evening routines. The process of removing beard dandruff is made up of 3 parts. There are 3 main considerations when it comes to clearing up beard dandruff (beardruff), cleansing, exfoliating & conditioning. The Balm House Beard Dandruff Kit contains three specially selected products from our extensive collections. When used properly this kit will clear up beard dandruff within 4 weeks, however you'll most likely start to see results much quicker. Cleansing: Our Argan Oil infused beard shampoo will help to cleanse ...

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