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BackUpBrace -  Tough Nylon

BackUpBrace - Tough Nylon

$69.95 USD

If you have any pain or discomfort from wearing your duty belt for long hours, the BackUpBrace is what you need. Designed to match your Nylon gear. Includes two custom belt keepers and Velcro strip for additional security. The BackUpBrace is the back support item of choice for thousands of law enforcement officers, border patrol personnel, military police officers, correctional services officers and private security individuals throughout North America.Place it on your duty belt to spread the load and relieve pain and stress on your lower back. Ergonomically designed to spread the load of your duty belt over a wider area, thereby reducing the pressure per square inch on your back.Imagine ...



Thousands of LEOS and other tactical personnel across the USA and worldwide use the BackUpBrace for effective relief from the back ache, sciatic pain and lower back stress.

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