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M-Class Urban Electric Bike

M-Class Urban Electric Bike

$1,649.00 USD

Compact: Easy to store and carry 98 Nm torque mid-drive motor: Offers an incredibly smooth riding experience. 576 Wh (watt-hour) battery: Even at full-throttle, you'll never worry about running out of power. Hydraulic disc brakes (with motor inhibitors): Reliable brake performance on one of the fastest electric commuter bikes on the market. Heavy loading capacity: The optional front basket and rear rack (both optional) lets you carry so much more – groceries, gym bags, and even your children. 2020 Model M-Class Electric Commuter Ebike Slim in size, huge on performance. The ultimate urban cycling experience. You'll love the spirit of Ariel Rider’s M-Class electric commuter bike. Selected a...

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